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Jan 11, 2005


Bill Eisenhauer

Zsa Zsa Zsu


That's right, congratulations! You obviously have too much free time ;-)

Bill Eisenhauer

Yes, that's probably true.

An ex-girlfriend turned me on to the show years ago -- she suggested that if I wanted to understand how girls think that I should watch the show. So I added it to my regular viewing.

I can't say that I believe everything I see to be true of women's behavior, though. On the show, it appears that dates are quite easy to come by just by walking down the street. I believe that is pretty exaggerated, but I understand that there'd be no show without the constant interaction and occasional conflict between men and women.

One of my "bar questions" is still: "which woman on Sex and the City most embodies your personality". Women love this question since it comes from a guy and its often something they relate to. I love it because it gives me true insight. The only answer that I do not really wish for is "Miranda". The others are fun to explore. :)

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