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Nov 24, 2007


Christopher St. John

I'm in a similar situation in regard to books. Delicious Library (http://www.delicious-monster.com/) has been a huge help. Scan 'em in (just point your webcam in the general direction of the barcode, it's actually kinda fun) and it loads them up, cover art and everything. Of course, once you've found something in the database you still have to find it in real life, but that was never really the problem, it was ease-of-browsing that was causing me grief. My dream setup is having a room set aside as a library with Delicious Library running full time on a Mac Mini over in the corner as a card catalog...

Fantasy Writer Guy

Wow! Intriguing recommendations here. I'm adding 3 new titles to my shopping list.

Oops - 4 titles. Re Sovereign Individual: As one who's begun viewing his body as a prisoner of his country (though not my mind - oh no), this intrigues me too. Too bad I'm poor!

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