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Jun 05, 2004



So hows the Bowflex going. I got an Extreme.


I got an extreme as well, the hardest thing is finding the correct weight to use. I have had it for 3 weeks (working out 3X a week) and I am just now getting the numbers dialed in. I also haven't seen any increase in size yet, just strength and my arms are getting very solid.


Are you still using the bowflex? I don't see anything recent. I was looking at purchasing a bowflex. I've been doing some research and actually put together a small site with bowflex equipment info. I'm interested in your thoughts about Bowflex for home gym equipment.


Justin Rizzo

I got the newest bowflex ultimate 2 and after working out with it for 3 days I was not happy. I tried to send it back but shipping would cost as much as the bowflex itself. Its been 2 months sice I'v had it and I still hate it, I had to put my old weight bench that I was going to sell at a yard sale for $10 back to gether and start working out on it. But the minute I started using free weights I felt the pump, and I'm not a body builder I just like to be healthy and look good for the ladies. The bowflex tones your body but wont give you definition or muscle. It's and over price palaties machine.


i work for bowflex and i can assure you the ultimate 2 is more than an oversized palates machine..


Came across this site by chance but I would just like to set a few things straight about some comments made on "The bowflex tones your body but wont give you definition or muscle" and other simmular comments mad on muscle development.

I am a educated personal trainer, and have been active in bodybuilding as well as fitness competitions.

How you tone/build you body is not related in any way on the kind of wights/machine you are using.
Its HOW you use it. Going high pounds and low reps you are aiming for strenght, medium with medium/high reps you are building, and low pounds high reps you are burning and defining you mucles.
Thats the short version of it. I can go into more detail, but...well I cant be bothered.

Sure you can mix it up etc. But be aware that there is no real way to effecivly avoud gaining muscle when training, but you can limit the amount.

So in other words. You Bowflex is there for YOU and how YOU want it to work for. The reason why so many people THINK its more a "fitness" machine then a "building" machine is only due to marketing.
Sales are higher when going for Fitness, due to so many people WANT to train but never do. If they aimed at Bodybuilding they are targeting a much much smaller group.
And most bodybuilders know that its the way you use the machine that gives results.

Hope that helps you out a bit.

Sorry for bad spelling, I'm from europe.

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