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Aug 17, 2004



My last year in undergrad, I was wrapping up a semester research project and I pulled a 'da vinci' (http://www.sleepnet.com/forum5/messages/452.html) and would nap every 2 hours throughout the night. Worked like a charm. Worked from 6p - 9a straight for several weeks.

I was an RA, so I could only get into my flow after 11p when everyone settled in for the night.

Graham Glass

That's impressive! I used to have a power nap around 6pm before the night shift and it definitely gave me a good boost. But I never was able to subsist on a diet of just naps.


I read a 20 minute nap during the day is good for you. Typically, I am most productive between 8pm to 1am.

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