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Sep 14, 2004



Now that would be a good idea! I'm a chef of 2 trades -> turkey sandwiches and spaghetti.

Craig Pfeifer

You should check out "Good Eats" on the food network, it's cooking for nerds. Alton Brown explains why/how different thigns work at the molecular/chemical level. His book, I'm just here for the food, is also good, there's a review on /.

Jim Bender


My son (James the Younger) has gone the opposite route. He is still with a certain telecom equipment manufacturer for which you conducted classes, a long time ago, but he is now into cooking. He has a site called http://midi-food.com/, about Mediterranean food. I thought he might update this more often, but work has taken a more prominent place in his life, in recent months.

Kyösti Rantinoja

Here is a suitable cookbook for you engineers:
Dictionnaire Portatif de Cuisine, D'Office, et de Distillation.
This book was written by main cook of French King Ludvig XV and
the first edition was printed in 1767.

A one week ago I bought this one from a bookstore in Helsinki.
My edition was translated into finnish and printed in 2005.
It is wery difficult to find and a rare one.

For me the pike recipes are easiest to accomplish.

Tuula Royer-Rantala

I have translated the Dictionnaire portatif de la cuisine etc. in Finnish.
The original book is mine and I have tried to find out how many books still exist and what would be the price of it. Could someone tell me something? In Finland I can't find any answers.
Tuula Royer-Rantala

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