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Sep 12, 2004



Denver has the same problem as Mexico City. It's a big city in a valley, and this means that smog can stack up during the winter when the air is denser and doesn't move as much. http://www.fortnet.org/cp/smog-article.htm

Jim Bender

So, Graham, did you get to sit a table on 16th Street (on the sidewalk) and drink coffee and/or eat? That was one of the fun things to do. Going to Boulder is good, as well. Certainly, it is then land of granola, Birkenstocks, bicycles, and leftist politics.
There are many interesting shops, there is the University and its library, and things like that to do. We took in the shops, in particular, although I paid a visit to the library before I left Denver.

There was a classic bit on the radio that I heard driving back to Colorado Springs from old Stapleton Airport in October 1994, in a snowstorm. It was poking fun at the Boulder mindset. People were putting on their studded Birkenstocks, and chains on their bicycle tires. Part of the story was that NOAA was not going to allow plowing of roads, as the runoff from melting would interfere with prairie dog habitats. I was lucky to get out of Denver, as the snow was about 9in deep, when I turned onto I25 to head south to Monument Pass, on the way to the Springs.

Jim Bender

Graham, so you have probably been to Manitou Springs? I think that I remember that you have been to Colorado Springs on business. Manitou Springs is within walking distance of the Garden of the Gods, and the pickup point for the ride up Pike's Peak. It is very "New Age', and had interesting artists and shops that catered to that crowd. We went there and enjoyed it.

Graham Glass

Hi Jim,

Yes, I had a great time hanging out on 16th street; reminded me a little bit of the main street in Vienna. I haven't been to Manitou Springs, but will make a point of going there on my next trip!



Is Don still with the BAM division? We used to work together back at SGI in the bay area.

Dion Almaer

Graham -

Interesting. I lived in Boulder for several years, and go out to Colorado for summers in the mountains.

However, I am not a huge fan of Denver itself. It is a city in some ways, yet still acts as a town. If you wanted "city living" there would be so many other cooler places to do that living!

However, Boulder is totally cool... even though it has its issues!


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