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Oct 26, 2004


John Biehl

Re: your recent game of Risk*
Years ago, I designed a rule to correct the continual increase in the number of armies given when a player hands in a Set of Cards. My Rule(invented by me circa 1966)is this;
3 Footsoldiers = 6 armies, 3 Horsemen or 1 of a Kind = 8 armies and 3 Cannon = 10 armies (the number you suggest). I believe you will find this range of armies works very well.
Although I haven't played Risk* for some years now, the above rule has been used in dozens of games and is 'game tested'. It works. Your idea of 10 armies would likely work as well tho it produces somewhat more armies and has no variation (which I believe you should still have). By the way, I call Risk* 'Earth Risk' as I have designed many other maps for playing Risk*. They all use (proportionally)similar ratios for the Sets of Cards as I suggest above. Some of my variant Risk* games are as good as or better than the original. My variant rules for Risk* are the above values for a Set of Cards, my Rampaging Neutral Rule and my Empire Rule. The last two are optional and are my only three alterations to the rules. They allow for a better game of Risk* than the commercial rules (in my humble opinion). Anyway, try my suggestion for the Set Values and see how your group likes them. (I expect you will reply). John

shep mckee

Beginners luck?

I'm looking forward to the rematch and agree that we need to modify the rules. Near the end of the game, it really seemed that the luck of the roll determined the eventual winner (versus any remaining strategy, as I no longer had one).


RISK: Clone Wars, the Star Wars variant, has similar rules in place. Using your cards, you cash in according to the the type of cards used.
Cash in:
3 x Fighter Class (soldier) = 4 armies
3 x Corvette Class (cavalier) = 5 armies
3 x Capital Class (Cannon) = 6 armies
1 of each, = 7 armies.

This keeps that scenario mentioned above from happening.

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