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Nov 25, 2004


Dylan Greene

I don't know the name of it, but in Cleavland Park there's a basement pool hall that also has various nostalgic board games and a fully stocked working Atari.

I've seen board games offered at small family-owned coffee houses before Starbucks put them out of business or bought their leases.

I think back in the day Tryst used to even have a selection of board games, but I'd image it to be hard to keep all the pieces together with a rowdy post-drinking crowd.

What I haven't seen is a nice restaurant that offers games to play.

I could see a family section in your restaurant as well. How often do parents spend playing board games with their kids? Or have a nice long relaxing dinner without worrying about the kids getting bored.

This would also be perfect for dating. I've been sick of of dinner and a movie dating for years. Movie theaters are no longer romantic, and playing a game is far more interactive than just sitting in a dark room.

So, it seems like a good idea to me....

Anyone for dinner and a game? :)


It would be hard to be profitable simply because you can't "turn and burn" tables very fast and you couldn't determine how long it would take before another party would get seated. I have been to a lot of coffee houses (prior to the starbucks invasion) where chess boards and other games were made available with a driver's license or student ID keeping the games intact or promptly replaced. I do have a group of pals that have a monthly traveling dinner/brunch party where we always play games (Jenga anyone?) hula hoop, and other miscellaneous fun things from our childhood. That keeps it personal and fun.

Michael Raia

Currently in Austin, TX the all-powerful University of Texas Board of Regents is locked in a bitter land dispute with Players Restaurant, a local Austin favorite since 1981. Texas State Legislation is currently working on an amendment to a bill that would limit the use of eminent domain by institutions such as a state university to take over land for the "public good." (The University intends to demolish the restaurant to build it's 117th parking garage.) Please visit www.saveplayers.com to find out more.

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