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Nov 12, 2004


Patrick Logan

Banks have an incentive not to tamper with bank accounts. Therefore ATM's are reliable for that purpose.

Not sure that translates from accounts to votes, though. There are incentives and means to cheat somewhere along the wire.

Why can't the US simply have hand written ballots, verified each step of the way with at least one Democrat and one Republican? If it takes a week to count the votes, we can wait a week.


I've been thinking about this as well. Millions of dollars are moved electronically every day (probably per hour nowadays), with all the proper security and that seems to go fairly smoothly.

And yet we can't seem to be able to count votes in a similarly secure way? Treat it like a giant set of bank transactions.

I think the biggest reason why this hasn't been done is simple: money. Banks have a huge vested interest in making sure that all their money is properly accounted for. But, since there's no profit in voting machines (since they are funded at the state/local level) no one has paid enough attention to the problem to apply a robust solution.

You know that if there was a federal agency in charge of elections that all the usual suspects (IBM, Oracle, SAIC, EDS, LM, NG, etc.) would line up down the block to hock their wares.

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