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Jan 29, 2005



I'd like to hear about some of the conventions you used in your teams of 1 - 10 people. e.g. did you use Test First approach, did you employ "bug jail" for developers, how did you iterative process work?

Graham Glass

Thanks for ideas Simon, I'll definitely cover the things you suggested!

Christopher Baus


A lot of your products were released "free for non-commercial use." I've been debating back and forth about licensing on a product I've been working on. I'm curious what your current thoughts on this are.

Part of me wants to drink the kool-aid and go Open Source, yet another says stay strictly commercial. Then I consider the compromise that you use on JGL and Voyager.

Maybe it isn't a bad model for somebody starting out that wants to get some publicity, while keeping their options open.

Paul Holser

Hi Graham...

I'm interested in hearing about difficulties you encountered, and how you dealt with them; and in your stance on developer testing/TDD.

Some "rock star" programmers that I've encountered aren't much interested in the safety net that the JUnit-style tests build; they say it slows them down or doesn't add value. I tend to think that if a class or collaboration of classes is worth writing, it's worth proving that it works with automated tests...

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