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Jan 14, 2005


Olivier Rafal

I'm glad there are some visitors coming from my blog to yours, that means the experiment is working !
About "your" wife, you should not trust too much automatic translations : I was explaining that most of the times, when a VP or whatever executive person comes to Paris, it's because his wife has some visiting and shopping to do. Am I a bit cynical ?
About the "irritating guy", it's an ironic way to expose how one can feel frustrated when meeting a guy who earned so much distinctions and diplomas. And "unfortunately", it happens often to me ;-)
Anyway, I'm looking forward to meet you,
best regards,

Chris McCarley

Hey, Graham, long time!
I read this entry and thought I'd take a shot at translating the original entry. (I get your blog through RSS so I didn't see Olivier's followup comments.) My French is more than a bit rusty, but for what's it's worth, his translation above is on the level and pretty much how I perceived it.
In any case, you appear to be ranking better than editors/executives.

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