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Feb 02, 2005


Dylan J Greene

I was fascinated.... until I did a quick Google search. It looks like somebody figured out how to find the tokens and found all except the Caterpillar.

(This post is spoiler-free.)

I'm a bit skeptical, except he has a detailed description of how to solve the puzzles and photos of what he claims to be the tokens.

This could be a hoax, such as somebody trying to distract potential treasure hunters to give themselves more time to find the tokens. I don't have the book to see if his solutions are real.

The instructions for exchanging the tokens for the real jewels is on the back of the gold tokens. According to his lengthy post, it sounds like there is a puzzle on the back of the tokens that needs to be solved, and all of the tokens are needed to solve it. He's still missing one so he can't solve the final puzzle yet.

If true, it could explain why the author has said that no tokens have been exchanged yet.

His post:
(warning: it contains solutions to some puzzles which may be real)


This looks like a marvelous scavenger hunt. Do you know if one gets to keep the JEWELED insects?? - I am not a big fan of insects, but jewels.. ah.. c'est magnifique.. Bring on the BLING BLING, what a great motivation to find the treasures.. How are you planning on combining A Treasure's Trove with Geocaching?


Yes, you get to keep the BLING BLING! ;-)


The book is clever and ingenious....if anyone thinks of this book in terms of lewd
then that is pathetic. The fairies are fanciful and playful..just the way you would imagine them to be!
As for the code to the clues,the one's previoulsy provided by Jet aren't authentic,
check out the Author's site...www.atreasurestrove.com to check for yourself.
Good luck to those who can dream and imagine too!


everyone should be able to find these jewels like MD and so on. It isn't fair to them!


According to the author's website, updated daily, no one has turned in a token. There are 13 tokens, each redeemable for one of the insects, if turned in within 30 days of discovery. They are seperate puzzles and are solved independently.

It is all great fun and seems to have groups of people spending evenings poring over his book with a magnifying glass, a dictionary, a computer and ignoring the TV. The man is a genius!


me and my friend have been searching the book for about a month we think that one of the tokens is in Seqoui National park. is it? did you hide the tokens?


The author was interviewed on a local radio station just this week and said that indeed not a single coin/insect has been located! I just received the book today, and cannot keeps my eyes off of it!


in reference to the not fair statement. Contact your state legislature about not being able to participate as they are the ones that made that silly rule.


were can i buy that boook


I was just reading that book here are the answers to your questions:

He could not have found them all because on the official website it says that none have been found yet.If he did say that he would be diqualified because it is part of the rules that says you can't do that.

You get to keep the insects.

I will post the details of the insects later.

barnes + noble


i need help


i just started to read this book. and in 1 hour i found many clues. but there is 2 pages that are very confuseing???like on the pages 20 & 21....at the bottom there are black lines coming up and so i looked in the mirror to see if they were backwards words and they were...but i cant figure out all the letters? then on page 83..the limbs make out words like at the top right it saYS, " BUT IT IS NOT WHOLE?" i dont understand the rest.. can any one help me?
email me if you have found any clues to help thanx..

[email protected]

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