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Feb 05, 2005



I am also a fan of Clive Cussler and have read all of his Dirk Pitt adventures stories. Why is Matthew playing Dirk Pitt. The actor,Brad Johnson fits that character to a "T" in stature as well as personality. If Steve Zahn is supposed to be playing Dirk's partner, Al, again a big miscast.


I'm am a big Clive Cussler fan and am counting the hours until the movie Sahara is in theaters! I think Matthew McConaughey and Steve Zahn are perfect casting choices. Looking forward to seeing them on April 8th! Previews look great! Hope the movie does well so there can be more to follow!


Once again, I'm a big fan of Cussler and have several of his novels. Sahara is one of my favorites, however, I have mixed feelings about the upcoming movie. While I'm thrilled beyond words that a Pitt-based movie is coming out, the casting for this movie seems to be horribly wrong. Matthew McConaughey does not fit the role of Dirk Pitt one bit. I've always seen him as being more mature, more refined. They may as well have asked Owen Wilson to play the role. There are plenty of actors that could have been better type-cast. One of the first that pops to mind would be Harrison Ford. Sure he's not as young as when he played Indiana Jones, but then again Cussler always described Pitt as someone who was constantly feeling the effects of age. Pitt was always an older type of hero...McConaughey seems to portray him as more of a Sinbad/surf bum character who's much too energetic for the part. Even Tom Cruise would have been a better cast. As for Steve Zahn as Al Giordino, that's even worse. Cussler specifically describes Al as a short, stocky Italian with black, curly hair and a physiche that shows the results of hours spent in the gym each week. Zahn is much too scrawny, has red hair, and has the completely wrong personality. Did he ever even read any Cussler books? I'm not sure who I'd cast in this role, but it certainly wouldn't have been him. Even the role of Sandecker seemed off from what I've seen in the previews, and that's a pretty easy role to cast. I can understand why Cussler's upset about the movie, and hopefully if any more movies are made Paramount will let Cussler have much more say in it. Having said all that, I am actually looking forward to seeing it...it does look entertaining. It's just not Dirk Pitt.

Graham Glass

I agree with Dave's comments that my mental picture of Dirk and Al were way different from the actual cast members, which will make it hard for me to truly experience Sahara as a Dirk Pitt movie. The movie might well be good, but it's a shame that they weren't truer to the spirit of the books. I wonder what Clive Cussler thinks of the casting?

Richard Smith

Glad to see that many agree with my first assessment about casting for the movie. It's a real shame the producers totally blew it and that Cussler has backed out of the deal for future movies.

Don't get me wrong: McConaughey is an excellent actor and I've enjoyed some of his movies. But Dirk Pitt he ain't!

Still, like most Cussler fans, I'll go see the movie---it just won't really be Sahara with Dirk Pitt.

Bill McEntee

I've been a Pitt/Cussler fan for several years and consider both the author and his protagonist inseparable. It would seem that any time a great author so vigorously objects to the screen play and casting of his story, an intelligent director should listen. Oh, I'll see the movie, but have little faith that a great interpretation will come from a team whose leaders suffer from such serious anal cranial impaction.

Boo Radley

I have recently seen the preview for this movie and it looks great...only it shouldn't have been anything to do wiht Dirk Pitt. Sure it follows the story line and is very action adventure entertaining-wise, but its just the casting. They totally should have let Clive Cussler at least give suggestions as to who should portray the characters...great movie....not Dirk Pitt


I am a big Clive Cussler fan, and am in agreeance with all the comments above. I do hope though, that Cussler changes his mind about future movie deals, it would be great to see an "actual" representation of the characters on screen. Even so, as most others i will go see the movie because it will have the fantastic story line that only Cussler can concoct!


I have just seen SAHARA and I loved it! I have no comment as to the appropriate casting, but for those who wished for Harrison Ford in the part, you got him, only better. McConoughey plays the part with the perfect twinkle in his eyes and flashy smile. The great tanned body doesn't hurt either. The action was new and exciting; the story line was twisted without knots; and best of all it is rated PG 13 which allows all the teen age fans to enjoy and the profits to soar.


the sahara movie4 is pitchjed as being one of the first main NUMA jobs. Numa itself is still a private organisation, as such the characters of giordino and pitt are young men still. as such the casting is ok by me.

harrison ford !!(zimmer frame)


I saw Sahara on Saturday... boy was I disapointed, I wish they had followed more along the lines of the book. The characters they chose for Dirk and Al, well not what I had imagined. They missed the everything about NUMA which was the reason they were even in the area. The other theater attendies seemed to enjoy the movie, must not have read the book!
I'm kinda glad to hear that Clive Cussler was disappointed in it as well. I think I'll stick to reading the books, that way I'll let my imagination pick my leading men.


i saw the movie, and i did enjoy it, i found it to be a fun film to watch, however as a man who has read every cussler book, i was deeply disapointed with the lack of NUMA storyline, and the horrible casting job, while the actors were good and entertaining, it did not fit the cusller story at all. seems everyone else here knows that as well.


My husband bought me Inca Gold by Cussler a few months ago. Since then I have read almost everyone one of his books. I had just finished Sahara when a trailer came on tv for the movie. Of course I have already seen it. LOL

Personally, I thought Matthew portrayed Dirk quite well.


What the hell was the make of the yacht that Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino blew up in Sahara?


what ever happened to the lawsuit, and will cussler ever make another movie?

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