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Feb 11, 2005


Paulo Gaspar

Extremely objective method. Very impressive exactly because of its focus and simplicity.

I guess this is the best compliment I can give anyone.

I hope you transmit that way of doing things to the WM guys... =;o)

Have fun,
Paulo Gaspar

Patrick Logan

"ease of use was always the main differentiator"

This has been a key feature of all your software I have been familiar with. If you can figure out how to bottle up and distribute your insight into designing an interface that simply expresses the essense of what is needed, we could have a lot more good software around the industry.

Joseph Ottinger

Patrick, I think he did! I've been a GLUE/EXML user for a long time, and I've always been impressed by Graham's work, and in my own projects, I've been heading in the same direction he's talking about. It's very doable, very much possible, and incredibly useful.

chris mccarley

One of the other things that impressed me about Graham's work was his aggressive refactoring. If code could be made better, it was, and code had to stay clean, not just start out that way. I have seen time and time again how the cost of maintenance far outweighs the cost of refactoring. My $.02

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