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Feb 24, 2005



I really liked this post because I do think sometimes all of us at some point in our lives fall victims to the capitalistic cycle that is inculcated by our environment. Wealth to a true capitalist is the mere accumulation of monetary richness, however I think this is a very limited and narrow way of looking at the true meaning of wealth. In my eyes wealth, or the accumulation thereof is a non-static, and constant target. I also belief there is not a universal definition of being "wealthy." I do think some might view it only from a monetary perspective, but I believe most rational and well-rounded people would say that being wealthy encompasses more than just having a boat load of money. A truly wealthy person, in my eyes, is surrounded by loved ones, by friends, and has a meaning and purpose in life beyond him or herself. A wealthy person has a cause to live far beyond 'making money.' A wealthy person smiles at the sign of the cherry blossoms blooming. A wealthy person smiles at the thought of a baby uttering its first words. A wealthy person cherishes the thought of giving and helping the needy. I think a person that is wealthy is so because of the connections he or she has made with other human beings. I think nobody is every 1000% wealthy because as I said, achieving wealth is a moving target that changes depending on the moment in time one is living.


A sweetly succinct excerpt on finding
truly important things. Consider also that "wealth" implies a comparison.

In the barest sense, this is the equation "what you have compared to what you owe." Experientially, it is a comparison to lesser quality (or "value" you say) experiences - experiences whose very quality *should* be self-ascribed.

This is in contrast to using other's quality judgements to make that determination.


I completely agree with your definition. From my perspective, wealth also includes being appreciative for what you have. When you are thankful, fear disappears and is replaced by a sense of true wealth and wellbeing.

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