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Feb 03, 2005


Jef Newsom

That is definitely my favorite song. There is a really great cut of it on her acoustic album as well. After reading that interview, though, I feel like one of the unwashed masses, given the sentence:

"In June 2002 bjork.com organised a webvote, in order to compile the tracklist for the current 'Greatest Hits' cd, and 'Hyperballad' was voted as the most popular track."

I no longer have indie street cred (http://soyouwanna.com/site/syws/indierock/indierock.html)

Teresa Van Dusen

If the woman is in her 30s Bjork's interpretation is more likely to be true. She is trapped in that relationship and is just trying to survive. Mid 40s to 50s then I can agree with your romantic view, but the destructive attitude used as an escape to get back to routine life is something that keeps the relationship on the edge...

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