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Feb 28, 2005


christopher baus

I have to admit, I've always viewed PHP has a hackers language. Maybe I've underestimated it. Some fairly serious software is being written in PHP these days. I personally really like python. It is my dynamically typed Java, and it looks a lot like smalltalk.

Dylan Greene

I've never liked that PHP is both a language and a framework. Reminds me of Cold Fusion. This announcement is surprising to me because I figured PHP would follow CF into obscurity.

But your prediction says that IBM is doing this so that they have an alternative to Java. That would be interesting, and PHP already has a user base.

Christopher Baus

Can PHP really be considered an "alternative" to java though? I might be willing to do my front end in PHP, but the thought of developing a large system in PHP doesn't appeal to me. Again maybe I'm just underestimating it.


Ruby is another smalltalk-like, albeit slightly less web-focused (than PHP) scripting language. It's highly admired by everyone who touches it. Comparing the these two would be interesting. Takers?

Chris McCarley

I have been using Java for years, but I have to admit that PHP is a much friendlier experience for the average person doing websites.

However, I agree with Dylan: for a website with serious business logic or an Intranet I would still use Java. And for a standard language, I like Python which has the ease of PHP but power similar to Java.

I also like the combination of using scripting (Python or similar) with a Java web templating system (similar to JPublish). Same full-bodied flavor of Java, but less calories than Struts.

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