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Feb 20, 2005



I hope this future includes a karaoke 'plugin'. It would give you the ability to see the words for any song you can think of the melody for. No more "Hey Jude, whats... hhmmm, hmmm..."


Dont disagree with enhanced brain. Its interesting to see somebody making an analogy of brain with Computers.

It will be nice if we can swtich brains like we switch hard discs.

Currently people go on vacation and they still think about work. They really cant enjoy. Even If they do, they have a hard time to come back to work.

It will be nice if they can switch the "work" brain by "vacation" brain (completely formatted and only stuff about vacation). When they come back from vacation, they can switch it back. So no data lost. Brain knows where it stopped and actually start working in the same manner as it was before(like one can put halt or wait in the program and program can resume afterwards).

We already have special threads that Doctors use to stich in the body. Medical science can come up with some kind of tool where you can restore your brain (like blood).

Also, when any new employee joins the company, Company should give him new brain and when he leaves, you take that brain from him. So No information leakage..unless that person transfers the data from one brain to other.

and my thinking goes onn....

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