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Feb 10, 2005



We could only be so lucky to have two such perfect depictions of these fabulous characters. I love this book. and actually needed coaxing to pick it up from another fan of the literature.

Martin Middelmann

Just think of the possibilities of the DVD release.

Three versions:

1. Basically follows the structure of the book. Straight Adaptation.

Two re-edited/sequenced versions (ala Godfather Saga)

2. Story is told in a linear fashion from Clare's point of view starting at age 6.

3. Story is told in a linear fashion from Henry's point of view starting at age 5.

Those are three versions I would be willing to watch.


i looove this book. im obsesed. im in love with these characters. i am very disapointed to hear brad pitt in the roll of henry for the movie. i'd rather see nic cage in that roll. and not jennifer aniston as clare please god this story will be butchered. i also hear kate winslet is up for it perhaps that i could live with. how clique is brad pitt though? god hunky type dude irritate me to the core.


I picked up this book yesterday morning, and finished it at 2am last night. I actually hated to come to the end, as if I was saying goodbye to two lovely friends I'd just met and might never see again. Ironic. A prayer: please, let them portray the beautiful intimacy of the story and their love for eachother. Please, find actors who can act. Please, let this become a film festival treasure with an underground cult following, and not a Hollywood monster trampled by teenage girls and corporate cigar smoke. Please, keep this real. Amen.

Emma Pearce

This novel is incredible. As soon as I finished reading it I did think that it would be fantastic as a movie, but part of me couldn't bear the thought of it - it seems impossible that such a beautiful, real, intimate relationship could be portrayed with any depth on screen. I would be especially heartbroken if it ends up as a Hollywood blockbuster, as Jamie commented. This book is truly special.


This book was truly amazing. I finished reading it last night, and I do not remember the last book I read that literally made me sob. I feel like I lost 2 amazing friends, but they are out there somewhere...and I suppose that's the point of this book. I also thought it would make a fantastic movie, but please - not a Hollywood blockbuster, and god - not Brad Pitt! Maybe someone like John Cusack or Jason Lee in the role of Henry.

Veruca Salt

I LOVED LOVED LOVED this book! I didn't want it to end! Please lets all pray that Brad Pitt does NOT play Henry. Maybe I'm crazy, but what about Adrian Brody? He is more talented than BP...just a thought.


As much as I agree with your praises and casting concerns – be forewarned - Brad Pitt owns the rights to this. Unless some miracle happens in divorce court where in Jennifer Aniston (who co owns it)and Brad get struck by lightening and pass this off to someone with real talent, another brilliant book is destined to become another unwatchable victim of hollywoodafornication.



I agree with not wanting this to become some overblown Hollywood blockbuster; and inevitably, Brad Pitt's starring in the movie would turn it into one; but hasn't anyone seen "12 Monkeys," or "Seven Years in Tibet?" I very much disagree with the comments that Brad Pitt can't act. I'm a HUGE Chuck Palaniuk fan and was highly critical of it being adapted into a movie; but was thrilled with his performance in "Fight Club." Give the guy a chance. Just because he happens to be hot and what people classify as a "typical Hollywood hunk," doesn't mean he can't do justice to this role.


Please, oh, please don't let it be Brad. I am so sick of him, I don't think he's even that good looking...and I just can't imagine him as my Henry. I love this book and hated to read the end but couldn't not finish it as quickly as possible! They are like good friends and family to me and I hate to see them leave.... Oh, how I hope that this movie is as perfect as the book.


I just finished the book. It did make me cry, it was just such a sweet, beautiful tale, one of the best reads I've had in a while but I just wanted to add:
1. Please not Brad Pitt, he just isn't right for it. What about Christian Bale?
2. Jason Lee is another good suggestion - my other half suggested Keanu Reeves who does look right but I'm not convinced he could pull it off.
3. Kate Winslet sounds good or may be Jennifer Connelly as Clare?


Oh I just wanted to check if what I had heard about filming one of my favourite book were true... Seems it's kindda standing still though.
I just have to agree with a lot of the comments in here, I can not picture Brad in the role of Henry - Henry is simply to dark and hansom in the non-Hollywood sort of way (I mean Brad Pitt with long black hair? noooooo!), I would say something like James Purefoy perhaps, maybe some unknown actor?
And as much as I love Jennifer Aniston as Rachel this is so not her part - please!
Oh hope someone in charge reads these I would hate to see the possibilities of a wonderfull film wrecked....


While reading, I actually envisioned Brad as Henry - kind of quiet with a dark mood about him spiced with sarcasm and a sense of humor. And I really wanted Jennifer to play the lead. I think she would do well playing Clare, the most patient woman of all kind. I did wonder about the future of Plan B and the production of my favorite book when they unfortunately separated, so I am thrilled to hear it is still on. Thanks Plan B - whoever you choose to cast - for bringing to the big screen two of the most beloved characters in modern literature. Do well.


Hi All!!

I have been waiting for this book to be a movie but it seems like it is not going to happen.. Does anyone know at all when this is all happening and if it still is since Brad and Jen are no longer together?? Please let me know if anyone has news and updates on this movie!!


I have been reading about the possibility of their being a possible movie in honor of this magnificent book, although it is an exciting thought...hmmm...Brad Pitt? Kate Winslet however is a good choice for Clare. As for Henry, an unknown actor with maybe dark hair would be nice. I hope that the movie doesn't let me down, I'd hate to see this romance ruined by hollywood. Either way, I have the book to fall back on if the movie fails me. Yes, we would be very lucky if their love for each other is captured onscreen. To whoever is playing them: good luck!!


I personally feel that having two unknowns for this movie would be the best choice. It would be sorta nice to discover someone when searching for these roles. The book is beautiful and honestly I think Brad Pitt, Jennifer, Kate are all too old for these roles. They should find someone who is young and could play old for the last years of henry's life. If they do go for already stars...I would love to see Leonardo Dicaprio playing Henry. He's such a great actor....For Clare I could see Reese Witherspoon


It seemed like I was in morning after I finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife the first time. It is sooo moving -- and fun and interesting and mind-boogling too. Now I have read it the second time, and it was just as good. I wait anxiously for the movie, hoping that the makers are true to the book.


i read this book at my mother's suggestion. i think that edward norton would make a good henry, but brad pitt would not be SO bad.


Best book I have read in a long time...I also thought it would be an amazing movie, but I hope they follow the story and do it justice. I think I can see someone like Natalie Portman as Clare... but also Kate Winslet I love. I say Christian Bale plays Henry. He's a fab actor, and always seems a bit troubled anyways. There's my 2 cents.


Read it last summer and then I made my husband read it...we've been discussing it on and off for a year. My casting picks...please, not Brad Pitt! I kept seeing Orlando Bloom as I read the book. I can sorta see Kianu Reeves! As for Claire, needs to be someone young, sweet, smart, honest, very straightforward and kind - patient. It would be nice if casting directors would find a new fresh talent for this...Portman is too overexposed for this role, Jennifer Anniston - no. And Kate Winslet is too "serious." Have to think on this one...I had a definite picture of Claire when I read it, but it wasn't anyone famous. I'll be glad to see how it turns out.


I just saw Shopgirl and could totally see Claire Danes playing the role of Clare.

I looooved this book. I, too, hope the book isn't butchered. It would be a tough screen play to write, as the book jumps around so much, and is told from different points of view.


I am particularly in favor of unknowns for both leads. The two characters have such a strong presence and history in themselves, that I think anyone big just wouldn't do Henry and Clare justice.

I seriously could not, can not, stop crying when I finished the book. Out of everything I hope they don't change the ending to please viewers. I love the ending the best, and though I cried my heart out, I think changing it would be a total crime.


I loved this book, at the end i had tears down my face and then it turned into a whole sobbing fest...Brad pitt would be good as Henry, cant picture Clare though...keira Knightly might be good...


i absolutely loved this book, cant wait to see what the movie comes out like, i think the actors should be totally unknown, having big macho actors destroys in true nature of the couple as being ordinary, and trying to live an ordinary life, brad pitt should definately NOT play hnery...maybe gomez..but nobody else...anyone know when the film is due for release, or if its even in progress??


This book made such a fantastic read; it was definitely one of the best stories I've read in a long time and I loved every moment. I think a film of it sounds good, and I think the suggestion of Keanu Reaves as Henry might work! Keanu Reaves and Kate Winslet? Can anyone else see it? Whoever they get will have to do an amazing job to make it even half as good as the book.


I am a casting director and truly feel Adrian Brody and Claire Forlani would be perfect. Or for crying out loud let's find some unknowns!!!


What an amazing and compelling book. I've never read a book that has left me feeling like this before!!Yes Brad Pitt is a great actor (12 Monkeys, Fight Club)But personally I do not think he is Henry at all. Whoever said Adrien Brody, I think thats a pretty good shout. When I was reading the book i couldn't help but envisage Clare as looking like Winona Ryder in Edward Scissor Hands!Is that wierd?


One of my favorite books! I was wondering if anyone out there has read another time-travel love story called Falling in the Garden by Walter Klimczak? When I bought The Time Traveler's Wife on Amazon, Falling in the Garden was linked to it so I bought it, too. I have been wondering lately how it would fare on the big screen...
Oh, well, just my thoughts.
My best bet for Henry & Clare:
Mark Wahlberg & Julianne Moore
Christopher Walken & Zoe Deschanel


A very amazing story... I just wish that it would continue and continue...

Henry -> CHRISTIAN BALE (watch him on The Machinist)
Clare -> SARAH WAYNE CALLIES (watch her on Prison Break)


Call me crazy, but I think Johnny Knoxville could pull off Henry in a heartbeat. He definitely has the right look.

Daniel Craig (new james bond) for Gomez. Check out his look in Munich.

Claire? Hmmm... Rachel McAdams?


Love this book, My suggestions would be

Clare- Rachel McAdams-The Notebook
Henry- Matthew Macfadyen-Pride and Prejudice 2005

Can't wait to find out who it will be!!!


I think Jason Lee or Billy Crudup would make a awesome Henry.

I think Kate Hudson would be a great Clare.

What a wonderful story, I really hope that they are true to the author's vision.


I'm a single guy in Australia and i absolutely LOVED this book...awesome! I too thought what a great film this would be but I feel that only two actors I nkow of could really do it Justice...Johnny depp as Henry and Nicole Kidman as Claire. I think they both look the part and Johnny has that dark side along with the ability to drop into just about any character he choses.Nicole has the look and the depth to be Claire. That is my humble opinion and I do hope it turns out to be movie that Audrey can be proud of.



as much as we'd all like to see this as a film, it should never happen. how in the world could they capture the essence of these two tragic lives? all the subtlty and personality would be lost. any reference to sex will be dropped which is important to the development of clare and henry's relationship and what kind of time order would it be in anyway. as for the cast suggestions, they are all ridiculous; brad pitt is a good actor but would look better in the gomez role don't you think? kate winslet would risk playing a major role in another film with a less than conventional timeline (eternal sunshine did actually echo for me some of the feelings of this book). if it really needs to be made it would have to be like donnie darko where unknown actors took the place of famous ones in the interest of who felt right for the role.


I really really hope that Brad Pitt is NOT chosen for the role of Henry, if he has to be in it, he should be cast as Gomez. This book is one of the best books ever written and if its going to be made into a film, the creators need to take time in casting and do the book justice. I really think unknown actors should be used, as big stars such as Brad Pitt would make the story line less real.


I absolutely loved this book, I didn't want it to end. I agree that Brad Pitt should absolutely not play Henry. I liked the suggestion of Billy Crudup though. I like the thought of an unknown actor even better. I just hope they can capture the depth of the relationship between Henry and Clare.

Lynda McGrath

Tell whomever is casting the lead Henry to cast Edward Norton. He IS Henry.


According to the site www.imdb.com, the film is scheduled for 2008 with Rachel McAdams as Claire (still in talks however). I think she would make a great Claire, I hope they find a suitable Henry. I think Keanu Reeves has the right looks for the part.


I don't think that Billy Crudup or Brad Pitt should ever be considered for the role of Henry, who is faithful to a fault with Clare. Since neither of these actors seem to have a grasp on that concept in reality, I don't see how they would expect an audience to believe them playing this particular character. I agree with Rachel McAdams and Ed Norton.


Well, I've accepted Clare as Rachel McAdams, but Henry should be Mr. Darcy from the new P and P.


Christian Bale as Henry and Rachel McAdams as Clare -PERFECT!


I agree w/Aussie guy--
Depp & Kidman

 Ed Powell

I read the book at my wifes insistance. Never has a book touched me or brought me closer to the characters than this one. However, I was dissapointed with Clares falling for a physical experience with Gomez a the end. I understand the need for intimacy, but it cheapened Clare, whom I had come to love. She cheated on Henry, even though he is dead in that time, and on Charrise, her friend. Apparently with no emotional guilt tied to it. I am afraid it destroyed my image of Clare.


I'm thinking Dougray Scott and Kate Winslet as Henry and Clare. NOT Brad Pitt...what the??? Equally unbelieveable is (already slated, according to imdb) Rachel MacAdams...duh.


I absolutely loved this book as well, and I would love:

Rachel McAdams as Clare
Christian Bale as Henry.

I just think it would be perfect!


I just finished the book and absolutely loved it too. I'm thinking Clive Owen as Henry. Maybe Claire Danes as Clare.


Bryce Dallas Howard as clare, I read the book before seeing The Village and immediately thought of Clare when i saw her face in this film. For Henry, Clive Owen. He is eccentric and can be witty and charming in the manner our Henry evolves. Ingred: Angelina Jolie, Celia: Nona Gaye, Charrise: Wynona Ryder, Gomez: Josh Holloway, I didn't pay enough attention to the rest of the characters to feel them out for an actor. This was the greatest love story I have ever read, and its such a tragedy and triumph all at once that you are left with an overwhelming sence of euphoria when the last page turns.


I cannot wait for this movie to come out, I've read the book 4 times in English and twice in French now. I've heard Rachel McAdams is up for the part of Clare which if The Notebook is anything to go by will be FANTASTIC...I'm not sure about Henry though. No Brad Pitt or Nicholas Cage types!! I reckon someone unknown....oh such a hard decision for them ... or Jonny Depp cuz he just owns any role he does!


i LOVED the book, cant wait for the movie--- I think Rachel McAdams would definitely be amazing as claire ( she is always an amazing actress) I don't think that Henry should be the buff holleywood type (that would be gomez) i think Keanu reeves looks like th right guy, and johhny depp MIGHT be able to pull it off.

Valerie Oba

The Time Traveler's Wife is absolutely one of my favorite books of all time. i was excited to hear that a movie is being made and hopefully the story line won't be butchered. but i was disappointed to hear he brad pitt is being casted as henry. i did picture adrien brody or johnny depp would play him. and for claire i can actually see kate winslet as her or rachel mcadams both are great actresses.


Rachel McAdams is also in talks for this role and it's highly likely she will get it. Christian Bale is absolutely perfect for this role. It would be extremely hard to cast Henry, but Christian fits the picture PERFECTLY.


I just finished the book on CD. FANTASTIC! The most remarkable listen I've ever had.

For Henry...Gerard Butler (provided he can do an American accent-though it does seem a shame to lose that beautiful Scottich burr). Dark, pale eyed, full lipped, strong physical presence, sexy, intelligent.


Edward Norton as Henry is a great idea, he's such a chameleon and he can even look young or old in different movies. Then suddenly I thought about Edward Furlong as Henry. Sounds equally great to me..









Cedric West

I think Jason Wilburn should play Henry. He looks the part and it would be nice to see a fresh face and quality acting for a change. It's hard to believe a big name when you see them on the beach in magazines all week long. Rachel McAdams will do an amazing job in the film (if she's indeed in), she's limitlessly talented and full of sparks.


eric bana is henry i think...rachel mcadams is clare...i think the latter looks great and eric bana could be really good aswell, although perhaps adrien brody or christian bale might have been a better choice, i dunno!

Jason Collins

Eric Bana is a pretty good actore, I've yet to see him shine in anything though. Chopper was ok, he's pretty good at changing his appearance, maybe he could slim down to play Henry.


OMG I can't believe what some people are suggesting! Nic Cage as Henry - are you crazy? He plays the same character in every movie and is so annoying. Henry is much for a start and much more sophisticated that Nic Cage. Oh dear - Adrien Brody is an inspired choice but I think he i s a bit too off-kilter. Christian Bale is interesting too. Natalie Portman is a godess but I'm not too sure about her playing Clare, whereas Kate Winslet is perfect - zany enough but with a deep grounding and integrity. Brad Pitt is almost as bad a choice as Nic Cage. What about Mark Ruffalo?


Although I do like Eric Bana, I agree with the earlier post that James McIvoy from The Last King of Scotland would have been an excellant choice. Christian Bale is also a nice choice.


It seems that Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams are the chosen ones! I've just visited the imdb website and they're no longer "in talks". I think it's a good choice.... well I hope so anyway!!


I suggest Jake Gyllenhaal and Rachel Hurd Wood. She's a bit young but she has Clare's hair!

I absolutely am in love with this book and I too did not want it to end. Please, for the love of God, don't butcher this masterpiece of book with a typical Hollywood movie. I got goosbumps when I found out that this was being made into a movie...but please,do this sotry the justice it deserves. I do however disagree with all the comments everyone's making about Brad Pitt, he happens to be a talented actor and I'm sure that he would do just fine playing Nenry, but I did hear that Eric Bana was being casted as Henry, which would totally make sense, because he is truly talented and totally fits the description of Henry. I was also told that Rachel MaCadams was the one to play Clare, she's great, I just don't see her as being Clare for some reason...I dunno, all I know is that I can't wait until 2008 for this movie to come out and see these great characters (who feel like my friends) come to life.


OH MY LORDY! I just finished reading it and might i say it is extraordinary!I love this story so much and was so heart broken when it ended even though i soughted after the ending so much. Oh man its gonna take ages to find another book as good or better than this...
I cant wait till the movie comes out it seems as if that will be forever!!! Please dont let the actors be lame and the movie lame either as this book definately deserves to be a fantastic movie!!


this book is amazing, I think Christian Bale and Natalie Portman are a good selection, Brad Pitt, no, I dont think so, please remove him from consideration. There is a movie that reminded me of Henry and Claire slightly, called "Living til' the End'. Sean Maher and Jaime Ray Newman somehow seem like good actors for the roles after seeing that. look it up.


Here are examples of the actors I mentioned looking much like Henry and Claire.





Hannah Fergague

Actually Brad Pitt owns the rights to the film, but Eric Bana (The Chopper) is going to play Henry, and Rachel McAdams (The Notebook, Mean Girls) is playing Clare.


I feel so akin to this group of people all of your comments on how teh book made you feel are right on teh money and couldd have been taken straight from my head.
I was thrilled to find out my favorite love story/strange fiction was becoming a movie and even more excited to find out my favorite actress Rachel Mcadams was going to portray Clare. Also Eric Bana is just the right amount of dark and handsome that embodies Henry.
I hope they can do this rather long book justice, personally i wouldnt mind seeing a 4 hour long movie if thats what it takes to capture every perfect moment.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who absolutely fell in love with this book. The story was so great, it was hard to put the book down to do anything. I was initially excited when I heard it was being made into a movie, then fearful, as the true essence may not be caputured. Glad to hear it's being filmed in Chicago with Eric Bana & Rachel McAdams. I live in Chicago, so I'm going to do my best to get in the film, even if it's an extra in the library, museum or club!!!


Just came across this blog through a web search looking for more information than IMDB has. Fortunately Brad Pitt has long since been passed over for the lead! But Ron Livingston as Gomez? He's good, but that role... meh. Eric Bana might be able to pull off Henry, but my first thought was Christian Bale.

It's hard to pick a Clare; none of the major leading ladies seem to have the right combination of physique, gravitas, and childish excitement.


I kinda think that such a beautiful relationship with such feelings and depth as this novel should be turned into a movie. I mean I first read this book when I was like 10. It was like finding a new universe, a new world for me to escape to. And I know it's a complex book for a 10 year old but I've read it sooo many times over these years ( am now 14 and reading is my favorite thing to do ) and I don't want to be dissapointed with this movie. But on the other side I'm exited!! But I dissagree on Brad playing Henry, cause he doesnt fit Henry's description. And I personaly think BP has an amazing talent, but he's just not right for this role.

Whooo. That was long.


I am finishing reading The Time Traveler's Wife right now. I am so excited it will soon be a movie. I'm a big fan of Rachel McAdams and believe she will do well as Clare. I'm usually not a fan of Eric Bana, I don't think he's much of an actor of quality but when looking at him he does have that brash quality that Henry holds early on in his his. So I will give Eric the benefit of the doubt in hopes that this may become his redeeming movie in becoming an actor with substance. I'm eager to see how they put it all into movie form being that the book goes back and forth from Clare's and Henry's points of views. I am also praying they don't butcher the spirtual passion that lies so heavily between the two characters of their everlasting love.


The wife needs to be a woman with long curly red hair so Kate Winslett is perfect. Henry needs to have black hair, he needs to be thin - Johnny Depp??


I have just finished the book and loved it. How about this: i was reading henry's letter to Clare (the one he writes for her to read after he's died) and i got a text to say someone i knew died. I was already crying!
Henry is suposed to be lean, even skinny. Gonzo by contrst much larger and heavier set. It looks from the casting that they hve picked two 'hollywood handsome' clones who look the same as each other. and the actor from the hulk would not have been my first choice!!!
A reat book.Please let them do it some justice?

 The Time Traveler's Wife ( 2009 )

Ok, I really intended to wait to read your review before I saw the movie, but the rare opportunity came up for a date night so we took advantage and I actually really did LOVE it, although I see your point on the negative side.

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