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Mar 14, 2005



This sounds so magnificent. I especially envisioned your idea of a full "sky-light ceiling." This is terrific to be able to gaze at the stars while lying in bed. I know as a kid I purchased a bunch of glow in the dark planets and stars, and pasted them to my ceiling. Also, as a scorpio, a water-sign, :-) I empathize with your 'water theme throughout the house." In my research and experience I have found that 'water' whether it be ocean front, pools, lakes, fountains, aquariums is what most people dream off in thinking of their dream place. I also found it interesting that as someone quite advanced in the technology industry your descriptive thoughts did not focus on gadgets, smart home devices, buttons being pushed, robots moving around.. are these things important?

Graham Glass

I think that my dream home would contain quite a bit of technology, but keep it hidden in the background. For example, the glass ceiling might be made from a liquid crystal display that kind be turned from opaque to transparent at the touch of a button or a voice command. I'd prefer a peaceful, minimal, tranquil kind of place rather than one buzzing with robots!



Becky S

Wow, your description is hard to top...

I'm not an architecture buff, so I can't think in terms of structure or even room layout. For me, a good home is all about that happy feeling you get when walking in after a hard day at the soulless office park.

Most important adjectives: comfortable, colorful, and cozy. My dream house has tons of character; it's an older home with a working fireplace, unusual molding and lighting fixtures, twisty hallways, and a wrap-around porch.

I'm undecided on the kitchen: either ultra-modern Viking or 50s style kitsch with pink appliances.

Each resident will have a separate bathroom, there will be tons of built-in bookshelves, and each room will be equipped with speakers that connect to some kind of central music respository (for lack of a better term).

And of course the dream home will often be filled with friends and family.

PS Second home in the city will, of course, be a loft cube: http://www.loftcube.net/


I want a loft cube now too. There is a lot of room on the top of my building and it has a superior view of the skyline. That is so fascinating.

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