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Mar 19, 2005


Roger L. Cauvin

I look forward to the obligatory debate about coding standards :-)

Todd Girvin

Hi Graham! Just thinking through the work streams of the MSF and RUP, the obvious things missing from your lists are requirements and architecture. I would love to hear your specific thoughts on how that fits in and how your views differ from the traditional idea of a whiteboard architect or an architecture-first practice. Also, how do you balance requirements gathering activities so you don't get analysis paralysis yet think ahead enough that you don't iterate forever, slowly arriving at what could have been easily conceived in a top-down mode of thinking?

Duke Tantiprasut

Can you also cover any collaboration tools you use, e.g. wiki, etc.



Graham Glass

Hi Duke,

Thanks for your suggestion! I've added "collaboration tools" to my list of topics to cover.


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