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Mar 28, 2005


Mark Griffin

Good luck Graham. I'm taking the plunge as well. My evaluation appointment is this week. It's amazing how far they have come with this. I think this will help me write better software. :)


I had this done in January ( by Dr. Wong at the Eyes of Texas Laser Center: http://www.texas2020.com ) and it was a huge success. Fast, painless, and 20/20 - a great combination! I've worn glasses or contacts since 5th grade, so for me life without lenses is amazing.
My favorite part was the video I had to watch before signing the consent forms: one scene was all about how wonderful the procedure was and the next was describing the possible negative side-effects and drawbacks. This oxymoronic video went back and forth between the two sides for about 20 minutes before winding down. The message with which I was left was afterward my vision was either going to be perfect or I'd be blind!


This is admirable to me that you are taking the plunge. I am a total chicken when it comes to matters of the eyes. It will be awesome for you to have puurrrfect eyesight. :) I have really good eyesight most of the time except at night when I drive. I've been told by my doc. that my eyes are fine, but I wonder if Lasik could correct my night problem.

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