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Mar 20, 2005


Roger L. Cauvin

Please keep us informed about your living will. I want to compose one as well, but would like to follow in someone else's footsteps.

Graham Glass

Hi Roger, will do (pardon the pun). Also, I chatted with my Dad this morning about a living will, and he is also interested to find out more. I'll post my findings to this blog.

Todd Girvin

A friend of mine works in state politics. She whitnessed a hearing where the National Right to Life organization tried to pass a bill that would declare a person incompetent to make decisions as soon as they were unconscious, thus giving the state (or a party ordained by the state) the right to reverse decisions already made by the individual. Their goal, of course, was to step in and reinstate life support as soon as it was disconnected or prevent its disconnection all together for someone in a coma. Can you say fascist?

Roger L. Cauvin

From http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/archives/week_2005_03_20.php#005210 :

"I heard from a medical social worker who made it clear 'Living Wills' won't necessarily control medical decisions in cases like Schiavo's. He suggested the far superior instrument is a Durable Power of Attorney for Medical Care, which not only indicates your wishes about live-support contingencies, but gives the person of your choice real control over medical decisions."


I agree that a "Durable Power of Attorney" can be a more viable legal instrument in cases when one becomes incapacitated and needs to have someone act on one's behalf. The issue with such document is in deciding who can be the an appropriate person to serve as the agent. After all, you are trusting not only your property, but perhaps your life, to the person you appoint.

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