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Apr 17, 2005


Miss Iffat Shalev

Well you are so right. I am also a great fan of Clive Cussler's books, and I have imagined Al Giordino differently.I have imagined Al played by Danny De Vito. Maybe I'm wrong, but that was the picture in my mind. Maybe Matthew Mc.... looks a bit good in this movie, but the point is that many things/facts are missing in this movie, and I have watched it twice, knowing after reading SAHARA for maybe 12 times, that many facts were omitted here. The movie is entertaining perhaps, but unfortunately not really as good as the book itself. I sincerely hope that the next movie will be much better. I sincerely hope that Clive Cussler won't have to feel so bad about the next production as he feels about it now.

K. W. Greene

I'm a big Dirk Pitt fan and I was very dissapointed with the casting. It was not at all what I imagined.

S. C. Lawrence

While I haven't read Sahara I have read several other books in the "Dirk Pitt" series. While I would agree with the statement that the cast doesn't fit exactly the description in the book I do believe that they stayed true to the essence of the characters.

Also the fact that Matthew McConaughey is a huge fan of the series and has been petitioning for this role for a while makes me think that he wanted to be as real as possible to the role. While I didn't see Steve Zahn as Giordino I still think that to see Danny DeVito cast in a role of a former Navy SEAL is a little bit of a stretch.

I found the movie to be entertaining and a pleasant rendition of characters that I have enjoyed reading about. If they choose to make another I will definitely be going to see it.

Nick Kitt

Well, it's a really a simple matter,even to this day.Clive Cussler had casting approval and he selected McConaughey,Zahn,Macy,& Cruz. One would think the creator of the characters would know what they look like. The idea of Devito as Al Giordino is insulting to the character itself. Why not Stallone, for heaven's sake??
Really,people, get a grip.The casting,incidentally,was perfect and the film vastly underrated and undeservedly maligned,even to this day.


I've read and seen the movie, book to film is an iffy thing. Some times it succeeds and some times not, in the case of the Firm. Love the book, not the film.

Matt did an okay job just not believable, William H Macy was the only good thing about the film. I would rather see a sequel to it than a remake, just keep Macy he was awesome.

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