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Apr 06, 2005



What a fantastic concept of having a luxury treehouse. I agree with you Graham, that such a toy brings out the inner child in any of us. I think it is would be super fun for STING to play with his kids in this treehouse. Growing up, I did not have a treehouse, but a doll-house. I finally ended up transforming my doll-house into a bank.$$$ ;-) I think that boomers now have the capacity to go back in time, and enjoy what they enjoyed most as kids.. of course this time around, in full luxury.

Lasheek Patton

I would love to recive one of your catalogs I want to do something special for my husband for his birthday I would love to have a tree house built that reminds him of his childhood I also would love to custom build one for our children My address is
421 Colony Acres Charlotte N.C. 28217


I would go for a tree house as my dream house..I've seen some pretty wild ones. If only they weren't so expensive:(

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