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May 29, 2005



Dude, thanx a ton!! :)


hi, there. i know for a fact that we are all indebted to you for this link. however, credit where credit due - imdb.com, has the credit for the song, even though the OST didnt. here is the detail - you can also google it.
Thé à la Menthe"
Written by M. Mazouz & A. Mazouz
Performed by La Caution
Courtesy of Kerozen Music


thanks a ton dude. u're the best


Thanks alot, I have been searching for this theme for so long, years to be precise.
finally my list of songs for my new ipod is complete.
thanks alot again.


Thanks for the lead on this great piece of music. If anyone is interested in extended versions the (6.8mg) is easily available. Can't give you the link as not my site but look in youtube tutorials on finding music and then search using Nikkfurie de la Caution.


I watch this movie so many times just to see that scene and also listen to the music. I am so excited that I saw this blog. I really thought that song would be on the soundtrack. THANKS!


i know im like, almost a year late, but i really thank you for this song. it helps me with doing my homework alot. thanks again!


The link ASH has is right. This version is the full song. Great two people were able to track it down. I had no luck and they made a poor decision to not put it on he soundtrack. I have a MAC and the link is in a different language. I just clicked around and it did go right into my iTunes.

Best of luck.

*Check your screen to see if it is downloading. I thought it was not working and it was downloading the whole time.


thanks dawg


I agree - super song but why not on the soundtrack? Thank u sooo much! :)


Great work. Thanks a lot;)


I would appreciate if someone sends me the links to the other ocean's 12 soundtracks, i.e. those apart from the nightfox theme


Thanks people!!! This track is the best part of movie.


thank u buddy, after so many searched, i got your blog, really a great job, i like this music , it is excellent


Thanks Man..!
You 're Awesome..! ;)..!

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