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Jun 20, 2005



Interesting thoughts.

>> It's just a matter of time before life
>> itself makes the transition.
But with the speed which we growing this
"matter of time" would be atleast x century away, where X can be anything between 1 to 10. And sometimes even I wonder whether our earth will still be there with us ...

Nathan Lee

Digital sex?
Hasn't that been around since the very start of computer chat rooms? ;)

Bill Eisenhauer


You need to take a read of "The Age of Spiritual Machines" by Ray Kurzweil. There are similar ideas there and so you'd probably enjoy the book. Warning: he's pretty far out there.



I don't think this digital thing will happen except if youre a Trekkie . You do have some interesting thoughts, though you lost me on this one.. Off to reading about grunting... Cheers

nice guy

Hope the digital life memory doesn't crash like our hard drives.

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