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Jun 13, 2005



Before doing any more 'wine' degustation, you might consider that alcohol kills brain-cells, and dimishes intelligence levels as a result.. just a thought. Alcohol interferes with communication between nerve cells and all other cells, suppressing the activities of excitatory nerve pathways and increasing the activities of inhibitory nerve pathways.

The order in which alcohol affects the various brain centers is as follows:

1. Cerebral Cortex
The cerebral cortex is the highest portion of the brain. The cortex processes information from your senses, does your "thought" processing and consciousness (in combination with a structure called the basal ganglia), initiates most voluntary muscl... (read full answer)

Graham Glass


While it's certainly true that the very high concentrations of alchohol associated with heavy drinking kill brain cells, I don't think there's much compelling evidence of damage due to the small concentrations associated with, say, a glass of wine.


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