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Jul 30, 2005



WOW Graham, This is an amazingly complex song.

Every verse is full of meaning. In the first verse, one gets the notion that this person, who is obviously old, and in his death bed is filled with regret and total sadness of having wasted his one precious life, and how time can't be turned back. He obviously lost by being complacent and not living to a full potential.. and now.. as you say, "(The chance I had has gone forever)"

In the second verse, the song takes us to his past, where he tries to find good memories he can think of before he dies. And he finds nothing, but wonderment of what might have been.

The chorus then sings, the feelings that he wants to capture before he dies, what he at one point felt during his life, where he says, "My imagination is strong,
And I often visit the days,
When everything seemed so clear." And so, he is very surprised and doesn't understand what the hell he is doing in the state he is , dying, empty, with nothing great to remember.

In verse three the line that says, "Lying in my bed as they feed me, clothe me, hold my hand.
I wonder what the future holds for me in the other land?" Is an AMAZING line. I love how you are able to take us to the end of this man's life, where is his totally helpless, but then, he still has hope, and is a bit excited about what is coming up NEXT.. He asks, "Where am I going to?)" still there is a chance.. there is a Second chance in this new place where he is going. The fourth verse continues on the theme of having 'another chance'.. and it starts of by saying, "One day I'll leave this place for somewhere better." Where he will not have to endure so much pain, as he is having in this earthly life.

I do not want to bore you with my analysis of the song, but it just really captured me, so if you are interested in the rest of my 'deep' thoughts let me know ;-)

By the way, I also love the image you used. The floating 'earth' makes me envision how when death comes one is floating in an outer dimension of the earth. No longer is one part of earth, but rather in a new world. Phenomenal depiction.

Graham Glass


Thanks, that was a good analysis of the song! By the way, did you notice that the words of the last chorus are a little bit different, because he is saying them *after* he died?



Geez, Graham. This "floating" song is abysmal. So ham-fisted and morbid.

Just wanted you to know.

Graham Glass

Hi Fred, Comments like that make me glad I didn't choose a career in the music business! ;-) Cheers, Graham


As couldn't yet write the poem to releave the pain I hold on to since my mom's unexpected death in July (2005) - your song was a truly healing experience, as it expressed the amalgamation of feelings I'm still sorting thorugh. I'm happy I stumbled upon it this morning!... BTW - I was just wondering why you didn't choose a career in music (I would have been your fun in that sphere as well!) :-)

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