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Aug 08, 2005


Ravi Pinto

Hi Graham,

I have been following your adventure (??) into new avatar with interest. The basis for your new project and they way you are going about it makes fascinating reading. All the best to you in your latest venture.


Graham Glass

Thanks Ravi!

David Bueche

You bring back late night memories of OnStar.

Dylan Greene

Sounds just like my life!


Good luck with your venture.
You have a clear direction of what you want from your service/venture and it shows in your progress.

I would be interested if you can write about the tools you've decided upon for each job (such as dreamweaver, database, jsps, etc) and the rationale.

Andrew Pym

Graham, I met you earlier in the year in Sydney at the webMethods User Group meeting.
I did my best to ask a few curly questions. I am actually now working in the semantic integration space but I have a webMethods background.

From my point of view webMethods misses the point of semantics in that it is not tieing business semantics to fields/interfaces/services. In the next version, like other vendors, they are focused on technical meta-data. Do you perceive this as a problem?

Also, did you consider using any software off the shelf for you education platform?
I have some relatives in the education space and I have not seen anything, which grabs me, that I can point them to for browser based delivery using standard brower functionality. Would be keen to know your reasoning for building something from scratch.



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