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Sep 21, 2005


jennifer rice

great story! I wonder if this is really "mainstream" movie material? Might scare too many people! Altho I suppose that's the point... :-)

Graham Glass

Thanks for the compliment! I think such a movie would tend to be polarizing; some would side with the Earth people, some would side with the Martians. It certainly touches on many sensitive topics like religion, genetic research, and racism. My guess is that if it was done well, it would be successful. But making such a movie is tricky; just look at "Dune" for an example of how *not* to make a sci-fi movie.


Good story, but where are the cylons?

Duke Tantiprasut

Very nice! I wonder if handling the timeline may prove quite tricky.

Perhaps a mini-series? :)


You should also publish this story on http://www.fanfiction.com and get more feedback.

Graham Glass

Thanks for the advice JDragon, I will follow up with that after I make another round of edits.


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