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Aug 31, 2005


Eran Kriegshauser

Thanks for the post on the mercy ship. I just made a donation.

The Red Cross and Salvation Army websites are all timing out. Its frustrating that you are not able to make a donation to them.


Great choice Graham! A buddy of mine worked in their Swiss office for years, and that organization really does a lot of good in the world.

Nicolas Oliverie

I did my contribution to Mercy Ships earlier this year. Several people that I have worked with and went to school with are Mates onboard. A lady I know brings her husband and kids during their summer brake. Talk about a vacation, its the best of three worlds: 1. helping people, 2. seeing parts of the world and there is more out there than the US, and 3. being on the water. Mercy Ships HQ is located just outside Tyler Texas.

There is also a Library Ship that travel around the world taking donations of books, passing them onto developing nations as well as teaching people to read.

Thats awesome that you discovered Mercy Ships.

Diane Rickard

Dear Graham and all - I've worked off and on with Mercy Ships as a volunteer now for over 20 years...I'm not a great sailor but as our son also had a cleft lip and palate too, I've had the chance to experience myself the amazing difference that help like this makes in the lives of families who don't know where to turn otherwise. I know that Mercy Ships is looking for anesthesiologists right now for their field service in Ghana and upcoming Liberia next year - so if you know of any who want to volunteer, please let me know I I'll point you the right direction! [email protected]

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