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Oct 03, 2005



I'd love to know, given your dislike for php and mediawiki, why you nonetheless chose them (assuming you didnt discover this until you were well advanced with prototyping). Is it purely just because of the speed to prototype with and being good _enough_ not to hinder prototyping? Is speed really the number one factor in getting something off the ground?

One of my strengths and failings is I agonise over my technology choices, constantly being jealous of new technologies I'm not using, or doubting the ones I do. Hell its the main reason I read blogs..

Graham Glass

Hi Lurker,

Good question! First of all, I wanted to make my choice fairly quickly because the most important thing was get a prototype up-and-running. Second, I didn't know either until I'd started working on the prototype. Looking back, it might have been better to start with an open-source Ruby wiki instead, but in the big picture it's not really a big deal. Third, the PHP/mediawiki combination has definitely been good enough, which is the main thing at this point.



Hey, I'm looking forward to seeing the demos, sounds fabulous...



Hello Graham,
I know you're pretty busy, and I don't want to start a languages/frameworks war on your blog, but I just wanted you to consider another 'ruby on rails'-like framework for python. It's called django ( http://www.djangoproject.com )
If you get a chance to look at it / play with it, I'd be interested to know what you think about it...

Paul Holser

The Smalltalker in you will just /love/ Ruby. Everything's an object, just like the good ol' days.


I would pick PHP5 over Ruby for performance reasons and its large number of mindshares (22 million websites).


my 2 cents
I got some reports from couple of people who recently used RoR and they was pretty much happy with simplicity and performance

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