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Nov 25, 2005


Jon Wood

If you're using Rails 0.14 you can override the inflector in environment.rb to define plurals as being non-standard - it's all documented either there, or in ActiveSupport::Inflector (I think) in the API documentation.


Sorry but...
Syllabi IS the plural of Syllabus and fo course Curricula IS the plural of Curriculum (both from Latin language).

Philip Caplan

Pardon a question from a non-programmer:

wouldn't it be good practice when naming things (such as classes, variables, etc) to always use non-dictionary word constructs, perhaps by putting something at the front of otherwise 'ordinary' words:

such as clSyllabus, vaTeacher

or even better make your names "personalized",

such as (when working on MySuperDuperProgram):


Aren't there always going to be risks of bugs caused by using "reserved words" otherwise?

Just curious why this isn't common practice/taught behaviour?


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