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Nov 07, 2005


Paul Holser

Re: new programming languages. This might interest you: Subtext and Example-Centric Programming...


Eran Kriegshauser

I've been using Ruby on Rails for about a month now. Personally I do not like the Ruby language but I really do like Rails. The entire model view controller methodology they have implemented is very good. When working in it you think less on how the HTTP request/response is going to work and just think about the user experience. Personally I feel it is the best web application framework that I have used. Which includes ASP.Net, Struts, and ColfFusion.

Also, there is a Ruby on Rails plugin for Eclipse on SourceForge.net.

Here is a link on how best to set it up.

Tony Ding

Very enjoy reading the "New Venture" seriese here.

However, i don't see any big reason to port PHP to the Ruby on Rails here in your project. Is there any big concern on PHP such as performance, scalability or something else? Please enlight it.



Graham Glass

Hi Tony,

I find the Ruby language to be vastly superior to PHP, and the Rails framework is awesome.

The bottom line is that I'll be able to produce new code much faster than before and the codebase will be easier to maintain.


Tony Ding

I also have a PHP-based beta version of Web site. I am struggling to make such move as you did. You insights made me look into the Rudy on Rails more closely.




I'm curious as to why you think that programming languages of the future are not going to be object-oriented? Could you please elaborate? Thanks.

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