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Dec 14, 2005



Hi Graham,
I have been reading your blog for a long time. Your Ruby on Rails series is so interesting that it made me install apache, ruby and radrails IDE.

Especially when a credible person like you say thats its order of magnitutde powerful then J2EE , i accept it completely.

Can you please tell me what tools you exactly use for development ? Whats needed to run Ruby in production mode ?

Do you think one can make a *reliable* comprehensive accounting & finance system with Ruby on Rails/MySQL ?

Thanks , please keep writing :)

- Raza

Someone who can read

He said an order of magnitude more productive, not an order of magnitude more powerful. The last is obviously not the case!

Dan Hatfield

Great post Graham. Did you post implementation details anywhere?
I'm definitely curious to see the ruby code backing what you described above.

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