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Jan 11, 2006



Graham ... I have a passion for both the state of our education system as well as for technology. How can I get involved in your venture? Thx.

Dion Almaer

Hi Graham,

Great to see you on the education track.

I have long wanted to work on education based software myself.

My wife got an advanced degree from Harvard (in education), and is a teacher, so it is close to home.

I was also lucky enough to go to an amazing school in England, and want the same for all kids.

The answer is not "Leave no child a dime". Test, test, test does not make a kid think.


Dion Almaer
Founder, Ajaxian.com
Cleaning up the web with Ajax


Good2see your so close to launch the product

Dave Bryson

This is an area that I've worked with quite a bit in the past - web based student systems for managing various student information and testing. I also worked with a company as their lead engineer migrating an old system from the mainframe to the web (J2EE) for various large colleges. ( but I think you're on the right track with Rails ;-)) At that time, their main competitor was PeopleSoft. But with your track record and a small agile team you may finally produce something to beat all the competition.

I'd be interested to hear more about what you're doing. I may even have some pointers to potential customers depending upon what the goals are of your system.


You might consider approaching Omidyar.Net in the Bay area. They are seeking projects such as the one you are proposing for investment.

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