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Jan 22, 2006


Curt Hibbs

ArachnoRuby has the fastest debugger.

Be sure to also try the RDT (Ruby Development Tools) plugin for Eclipse.

James Higginbotham

Thanks for blogging your experiences on Ruby - it's great to hear from someone else ramping up on Ruby and RoR.

Call me old-fashioned, but like the early days of Java when Symantec Cafe was the only choice, I still prefer to have a shell and Emacs under me. I often switch between Java and Ruby, and Emacs can do both. And, for searching (or even search and replace) globally, nothing beats a good single line grep across my project.

Who knows, maybe someday I'll give RDT a try for both Ruby and Java inside Eclipse, but for now Emacs works great for my needs.

Tim Wolters

definitely try arachno. Doesn't have code completion, but I find code completion annoying anyway. I used arachno for several months b4 switching over to the Mac and TextMate. TextMate is a great dev environment... Sooooo much better than Eclipse. Unfortunately only runs on the Mac. Also, I really haven't felt the need for a debugger in ruby. I just jump into IRB instead. Just finished up the pragmatic studio rails class in denver. Highly recommended!


I ran through these instructions to setup RDT in eclipse. They may be out of date so be sure to check the plugin's website to see if there are better instructions.


However, I just use RadRails and I am it seems to work just fine.

Alan Hynes

Hi Graham,

One goal of the radrails project has been tighter integration with the RDT plugin. With this will (should) come debugging and more 'awareness' of other project files.

The radrails blog currently has an interesting entry about how they wish for the IDE to not be considered a poor cousin to Textmate. As a mac user (before Textmate) I can't really say that there's anything compelling about Textmate to dump Eclipse (for Java, RoR and Python) for it. I find it quite funny when reading of people that buy a whole new system at $$$thousands just to use a text editor. Maybe I should just try Textmate and perhaps become a convert, but for now radrails is just fine.

I would suggest you log the issue about superfluous (redundant) code end blocks (and the other issues about code insertion) with the radrails developers. I'm sure this is something easily fixed, the rest of your issues will be resolved with time (when a 1.0 comes along?).

Good to read your posts all the same.

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