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Feb 21, 2006


Nick Xidis

I concur with your thoughts on J2EE after lots of years doing Java code successfully, I'm done.

The same general principals apply to the Microsoft technology stack, although the particulars are different. MS's lack of basic application infrascructure, OR mapping, etc... combined with way too much tooling are going to lead .NET down the same heavy weight path that J2EE has walked.

Mike Cannon-Brookes

One thing that's been a persistent nagging problem in my evaluation of Ruby is the lack of UTF8 support.

Remember that > 50% (I'd guesstimate) of the world doesn't use ASCII characters. One thing Java has always been very good at is UTF8 and i18n support. From all my reading, Ruby has a lot of catching up to do in this area if it wants to be adopted outside the US.


Jim Bender


One thing that Greg Cowin wondered about is if you use Ruby for software you sell, how to do you obscure the source code? I have not done anything with Ruby yet, although I came close, last year.

After reading about your present venture, since last year, I don't remember seeing how you make money. I guess that educational content providers pay, while users can access the system for free. That would mean that the content providers would have the same issue.


I've decided to give Ruby on Rails a spin, but the ride has stalled at the time being. I'm using a mac powerbook 15" running the latest mac os x and somehow, I can't seem to build rails with this instruction: sudo gem install rails --include-dependencies

I believe my environment is set up correctly...

The instructions I'm following is here: http://hivelogic.com/articles/2005/12/01/ruby_rails_lighttpd_mysql_tiger

Could some help me out?


ruby 1.2 has an unicode extention built in

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