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Mar 27, 2006


K. Chris Sotudeh

Graham ... Although we never met in person, it was a special feeling reading your blog and knowing that you were down the road here in DC. We miss you already :(


I told my boss that a good friend of mine just moved to the bay area. He is nearby and was very interested in getting acquainted. He is very cool. Let me know when you get settled and want his contact info. You are still missed in Dallas!

Christopher St. John

Love to see some pics of your new place, furniture or no...

Chris D.

San Francisco is a beautiful and inspiring city. Although commanding great market power, it still has this genteel chic - this attention to detail. Too bad, that the real estate prices have driven out the young crowd.


Sleeping on the Floor is GREAT for the back.. Also, there is a great book on SF you should check out - "The Rise of the Creative Class"


That's funny in this context. The year after the "rise of the creative class", the same author (Richard Florida) published the book "the flight of the creative class", e.g. - rising real estate prices.


Just found your blog... Welcome to SF. Enjoying all the rain? Probably see you at the meetup tomorrow - looking forward to hearing about your hosting experiences!

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