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Jul 14, 2006


Stephen Downes

I used to go to a pub (called Huggy's) that was attached to a bowling alley (I never bowled; we just played trivia).

They had what they called 'glowing bowling', which we could see through the (one-way) windows every Friday night. When it started, we would start singing (to the tune of 'Rawhide'):

"Glowing, glowing, glowing
Let's go glowing bowling
Glowing, glowing, glowing
Let's go!"

Anyhow, glowing rock climbing is actually a pretty good idea.

David Bueche

Mirror ball? How about a strobelight with randomized flash frequencies?

Better yet, attach a bungie cord & make the distractions more menacing the higher you go.

How about "collapsable" hand & footgrips that only stay solid for a set amount of time before they "fold"? Periods of total darkness in which you have to feel your way through to the top combined with "dead ends" like a maze?

(OK, back to work.)

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