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Jul 10, 2006



I don't necessarily sleep to dream, but rather dream to change the world.


Not desiring to add comment to this page; just wanted to say your theory is fascinating and sounds very plausible, assuming the science of cell waste products and necessary purging is correct. If Ignignokt01's comment on the Digg page you referenced is also true (about released hallucinogens), then that implies that some hallucinogens are natural waste products of cell metabolism. Also fascinating!

If some folks have managed to adapt to a mere 4-5 hours of sleep per night, perhaps it is because their bodies have developed the capability to coordinate cell purging to all happen at once, instead of the 2/3-to-1/3 ratio you propose.

And that ratio as an explanation of the oddities of our dreams also makes a startling amount of sense. (As does the hallucinogen theory.)

The only hole seems to be an explanation for why a cell, once "purged" and awake, would go back to sleep again. You mention probabilities, but there'd still have to be a mechanism giving rise to the probabilistic behavior of the cells. I think you can find an explanation for that, though, as all the rest seems to fit so well.

All in all, the most logical explanation I've seen to date of both sleep and dreaming.

Wonder what experiments could prove or disprove this theory...


This theory, and the subsequent comment are both fascinating and makes an incredible amount of sense.


Bill Cornelius

Hi Grahm: The percentage of wakeing/sleeping cells can't create lasting memories without brain cell consensus (rather than a majority), it seems to be necessary that they don't otherwise we'd be overwhelmed with conflicting responses to partial descriptions. So here's a test: there has to be a mechanism that knows when a consensus is achieved. The "ah-hah" moment is some kind of hormonal reward for the "correct conclusion". I don't know what kind of synapses are involved (like the state of wakefulness has a lot of hormone stimulants), but I'd bet they're there. Something that makes cells line up & fire in cascade, if any are missing, the message doesn't go through.

Melanie Stephan

Why do we dream? Why is life like a black box?

There is one thing that we all share in common in our dreams. Every night there is one thing we all do. It is the same for everyone. If you can answer that question you will have a better understanding of dreams.

Do you know the one same thing we all have in our dreams? All of us do it.

Dreams are your God skills?

Gods Messanger, Melanie

Melanie Stephan

God has a message for you. It is about the meaning of 'First is Last and Last is First'. The message is this:

In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death.

What does this mean? It means that Birth is Last and Birth is First.

Gods Messanger, Melanie

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