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Aug 28, 2006


David Weber

I like the "small government" theme to your constitution.

While charity is a good and noble thing, it only treats the symptoms of poverty, not the root cause. Sadly, fixing the root cause may well be impossible.



While you're idea's here are very interesting, I feel that they are a bit overly optimistic, maybe even a bit utopian. Let's face it that the primary "value" of capitalism is to make as much money as possible. The richest people are the best at making money, and giving to charity goes directly against their "get rich" value system. This means that those most able to give will be the least likely to do that if they truly live by the values of capitalism and the free market. While giving to charity may be a "good thing", I don't think there's enough goodwill amoung those who can give to support those who don't have enough.

Graham Glass

Hi Daniel,

I don't think this system is anti-capitalistic. I simply think that charity would be a more efficient way to help those in need that the current government system. If for any reason this theory is wrong, then it's not a big deal. However, I'd point out to the citizens that they will in fact lose money by not funding their values, since the alternative is to introduce government mandates instead. So the real choice is:

1. fund your values directly and efficiently, see where your money goes, and pay no tax.

2. fund other people's values indirectly and inefficiently, don't see where your money goes, and pay tax.

Being a capitalist myself, I'd pick (1).


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