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Aug 18, 2006


Jim Bender

Graham, I would be concerned about using a Taser on a cat, as the Taser is designed to be used on people, and gives a people-sized jolt. Jim

Jim Bender

Graham, I would also suggest taking off the cat's front claws as a better alternative for a cat that you are not planning on letting roam outdoors. You apparently have not done such a thing, but it is not too much of a handicap for a cat, as our large, female, brown and white Miane Coon can scale a fence without front claws! Jim

Graham Glass

Hi Jim,

My mention of a taser was joke! There is no way that I'd ever do that to my furry friend, yet alone have her declawed. Agatha learns quickly, so I'll just tell her off when I see her do it and she'll most likely stop in a few days.

But thanks for your advice!


m. abed

Have you considered this solution


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