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Aug 28, 2006



Congratulations Graham. And, corny as it may be, I want to thank you for helping make our country the best place to live that we are able.

As to the "current occupants" of office, here's what keeps me sane: We actually *usually* have bozos in office. We just hope for 1 or 2 brillant moves per century, usually necessary because we've completely f***ed up. Ridiculously, that keeps us near the front of the pack :-)

Welcome to the scrum. Enjoy.

Chris D.

Good for you, Graham

I have family going back to the 17th century in the U.S. - Pennsylvania/Maryland, but I am currently living in Canada (Toronto). I look at the current state of the U.S. and I just don't know - they are ignoring reason and scientific progress. But those were exactly the founding principles of the U.S. and I feel strongly about them. Good to see you making a difference.

Chris D.

Dion Almaer

Congrats on getting through it Graham.

I am still an alien, and kick myself that I couldn't vote the current guy out (at least my state went blue).

It is finally time for me to go through this process too, although after reading books such as "The peoples history of the USA" I stive for a better future for this country. The founding fathers did some amazing things, but they have some flaws too ;)




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