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Aug 08, 2006




Congratulations on getting this far! It was interesting to see the break down of cost between hardware and software, could you shed some light on the cost of hosting your web app ?

Good luck!

Mike Cannon-Brookes

What about the cost of your own time mate? That's far from cheap.

What are the plans for non IE users? Firefox is smaller, but all the early adopters are there. Crucial audience.


Graham Glass

Hi Mike,

The cost of my time is essentially opportunity cost; what else could I have been doing/earning instead? It's hard to put a number on that, because there are lots of variables involved.

So I prefer not to think about it ;-)

We're going to add support for Firefox and Safari in the public beta.



Congratulations on the release this Friday! I am so thrilled for you.

Bob Chen

Great job!

How about how many people within the one year?
or man month?

Nathan Lee

So when you say "we", have you got anyone else working with you?

"Opportunity cost" - well I'm sure you're no stranger to the entrepreneurial slavery from your past ventures..

As a side note (and a fair way down the line), given you're in the education game: as the $100 laptop project progresses, might pay to ensure whatever you're doing will work on whatever browser they throw on those systems.
Assuming of course that network access is somehow available, but I suspect the ongoing availability of those machines will be something to think about longer term (as technology spreads, internet-ifying the developing world etc)..

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