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Sep 06, 2006


Kristopher R. Kycia

The icon looks pretty sexy!

Kristopher R. Kycia

Some suggestions: seeing as education is a primary service, it might be of value to have the primary colors used for each third of the logo. Also children go to primary school so we have additional symbolism. Use of the primary colors is often excessive but in this particular context I would say that it is quite relevant.

Also there are two blues one more pastel than the other... You could apply the same "concept" to primary colors to signify people of all race and color (seeing as education should be universal). To do so you might have one color with a with a lower luminosity, one with a higher luminosity and obviously one smack dab in the middle of the spectrum (For those of us who walk the line...)

Again just some suggestions that came to mind after a brief reflection.


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