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Sep 18, 2006


Mike Cannon-Brookes

Mate! I like it! I'd perhaps suggest simplifying it a little bit - right now the front page has a LOT of information, especially for a new service. Pare it back a little. Does all that need to be seen by everyone coming to the site? Could some of it be de-emphasised?

With all my startups, I advise them to start with a laser like focus on what they do best, and broaden from there as they get customer feedback. Give them a little, don't give them a lot :)


Jason Wood

Nice design. Who's responsible for this beauty?

Harris Reynolds

Looks good! After the site gets more traction you'll likely want to highlight popular classes and/or teachers etc. instead of only recent stuff. I'd remove the "web hosted" part of the tag line since that will be inherently implied by the web-based distribution mechanism. It'll be great when the design goes live and the site actually looks Web 2.0ish! :-)

Graham Glass

Hi Harris,

I think it's tricky to remove "Web-Hosted" from the descriptive line, because there are plenty of sites out there from which you download software. Moodle is one such example. It might become obvious after some digging around, but if you leave that part of the phrase off, it sounds just like some of the other open source downloads.



Definitely looks web 2.0 now with the choice of colors and fonts.

It would be useful for someone to browse/try the site without requiring to sign in first (Like Flickr). Not sure if you have that, or at least its not evident from the login page.
I used Flickr as a non-member before I signed on with them.

Otherwise looks clean and web 2.0ish...

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