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Sep 08, 2006


Johnny K

Not sure how the trailer could confirm your belief Graham. I am still unsure about Craig, but I think if anything he will prove that it doesn't matter who plays Bond, it's the style of the movies that is key.

Graham Glass

Hi Johnny,

I agree that the #1 aspect is the style of the movie itself; that's one of the reasons that GoldenEye is my favorite so far. In the trailer, I think that Daniel Craig does a great job of playing the kind of Bond that fits that style of Movie. So ultimately, it's movie style + actor style, and in this case, I think we have a winner!


Andrew Raisbeck

Dear Graham,
even with the notion before watching Casino Royale that Connery was the best Bond, I have to say that undoubtedly Casino Royale IS the best Bond film, and Daniel Craig even outdoes Connery.
The film is brilliant!


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