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Oct 04, 2006



Iam trying hard to decide betweeen the ROR, python& PHP frameworks for my web app.

do you think your performance issues could be because of ROR/Ruby ?

appreciate your insight and any comparisons that you may have.

Harris Reynolds

Have you looked at using Apache + Mongrel + mod_proxy? Using that approach Apache can act as a web server for static files and as a load balancer for a Mongrel cluster; one benefit to this approach is that you can easily add more app servers (boxes with Mongrel + your Rails app) as usage scales. If you go the Lighttpd route you'll eventually need some kind of load balancer. Of course if the site got really big you may need that with the Apache solution as well. I hear the main Lighttpd developer is adding mod_proxy support so that it can be used in the same type of configuration, but not sure when it will be released. Best of luck man!


Hi Graham

You might want to have a look at litespeed as well - http://litespeedtech.com/ and some feedback at http://weblog.rubyonrails.org/2006/9/5/litespeed-web-server-2-2-released

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